COVID -19 Statement

As a key manufacturer and supplier of products to the Uk Power Electrical Distribution Sector we are still operational until further notice.

We take the safety and well being of our staff as high priority and therefore implemented practices to ensure safe distance working, social distancing and emphasised the observance of the Government and NHS guidelines.

For More Information Call Us Today On: 01706 642249 / 07896 550100

About e4structures Ltd

At e4 structures a great deal of emphasis is focused on developments to reduce the global impact of using the inevitable damaging and short supply of raw materials.

By the utilisation of recycled plastics, by-products and waste  materials, the life of raw materials can be significantly extended.

By recycling our own and external waste products we re-process these materials into new product lines for various industry sectors. All our products are recyclable at end of life.

As a manufacturer and supplier, the list below includes just a few of the industries we service.

Construction, underfloor heating, building, infrastructure, Point of sale, electrical connection covers, wall panels, Boxes, cooling towers, water treatment, transit trays, packaging, Honeycomb structures, roofing parts.

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