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Brick Slip System Panels

Quick and easy brick slip assembly for:

Offsite Construction
Low Level External Wall Insulation (EWI)
Modular Buildings, Leisure and Park Homes
Garden Rooms
Conservatory Wall Panels
Retail Display Walls
Domestic Feature Walls

Brick slip wall panel with horizontal guide recesses for brick slips up to 67mm and 75mm (Imp)

FR-ABS Flame retardant panel now available

Supplied as separate sheets or bonded to specified panels

2400mm x 1200mm
1200mm x 1200mm
1200mm x 750mm (65mm slip)
1200mm x 770mm (75mm slip)

FCB Fibre Cement Boards in 2400mm x 1200mm only.

2400 x 1200
Brick Slip Bonded Panels Including:
– XPS 18mm to 50mm, R-XPS reinforced up to 20mm
– EPS and EPS Grey (0.03W/mk) up to 250mm thick
– A1 Non Combustible Fibre Cement Board

Product Range


e4s – BSF- Std Hips sheet 2400 x 1200 x 1mm
– FR sheet 2400 x 1200 x 1.5mm
  e4s -BSF – XPS FR 400Kpa 18mm to 100 mm
  e4s – BSF – EPS-G Graphite enhanced 15mm to 250mm
  e4s – BSF-FCB- A1 Non Combustible Fibre Cement Board 2400 x 1200 x 9mm
           BSF –  A1 Calcium Silicate board up to 9mm to 15mm

Qualified guidance should be sought to ensure the panels are suitable for the purpose intended and compliance to regulations required.